Learn about TWI Job Instruction (JI) and create well-being at the workplace

The way to efficiency is to train your workers to do their job correctly, safely and conscientiously. TWI Job Instruction provides a solid foundation for standardized work, through its personnel training.

Any successful validation that a task is performed in accordance with the standard is a confirmation that the work has been performed correctly, that the worker is adequately trained and that the process is under control.

Standardized work provides a foundation that clearly shows deviations from these desired conditions, so that you can quickly detect and correct any deviations. It also provides the best foundation for continuous improvement, or as it is called in Japanese: Kaizen.

This course will provide an overview of TWI - focusing on the Job Instruction program.

Job training is a way to get one person to quickly remember how one job is done correctly, safely and conscientiously. TWI Job Instruction provides the foundation for increased well-being, continuous improvement and problem solving.


Learn how all the TWI elements help an Organization in the creation of qualified and committed workgroups that can effectively solve problems within their area of ​​responsibility. 

You will understand the principles of TWI Job Instruction and why structured training and coaching at the workplace is so effective.

Course setup


The content is a mixture of lectures, discussions and practical exercises. 

When the course hours are done, it is recommended that you carry out TWI JI's follow-up coaching which is customized to your implementation of TWI.

You will learn
  • The five basic needs of a supervisor
  • How to plan your training (via the training schedule)
  • How to make job instruction breakdowns
  • How to prepare before instructing according to the TWI 4-step method
  • How to instruct using the TWI JI 4-step method

Case - Video

A Basic Introduction to Training Within Industry - TWI - 

This video contains a basic introduction to the TWI J Programs.

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