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Our central office is in Denmark, and we have branches in the whole world. With our
global Enablers, we share our specialized expertise worldwide.

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Our way of working

1. First point of contact

Begin your journey with BTP by reaching out to us. Get in touch by scheduling free sparring or send us a message.
In this initial phase, we focus intently on understanding your situation, business needs, and what you look for in BTP.

This is important to us, to ensure BTP is the right fit for you and that we can choose the suitable Enabler(s) for the coming meetings.

2. The first meeting(s)

Our first meeting is what we refer to as our 2-hour call. In this meeting, we dive deeper to understand your situation and needs.
This is not a long sale pitch from us! Our aim is to really listen to understand so we can find the right strategies to help you.

In fact, we don’t allow you to buy our services at the first meeting. Instead,
we often ask you to reflect some more about why you want to start transformation, or more about your current situation to learn what the real problems you need to solve.

We often recommend meeting with one or more of our current customer, to learn from them and their journey. These learnings will help you develop an even better case for your transformation.

You don’t need to prepare much for the meeting, just be ready to engage in an open dialogue. Depending on the process, this meeting will be repeated a few times until we all feel we have the right information from the right people.

3. Strategy: The Enabling Process

Once we have a good understanding of your current situation, your needs, , and other things we have learned about your company, we will customize a strategy to meet your needs. We will develop a concrete plan for the execution, which we call The Enabling Process.

The Enabling Process is designed with the purpose of not selling you a fish – but teaching you how to fish. Our goal is to create the most value in the shortest time, with a sustainable solution for you.
We will present our strategy and logic to you, and together we finetune it to make it fit 100% to your reality.

4. The transformation starts

Once we have agreed on how your Enabling Process should look like, you decide on the next step.

It means you choose when and where to start, since we are not in a hurry. Our focus is on supporting you to have the needed resources to follow through with all the steps in the Enabling Process and to make sure the start will not interfere with other projects.
So, when you are ready to begin we are also ready!

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