Business Through People

Our values: The foundations of our actions and aspirations at BTP

At BTP, we are all strongly driven by purpose and values, so the values below were not too difficult to put down on paper. They are fundamental beliefs that we have lived by through our careers.

At BTP, we are humans who all seek to enable you and ourselves, in this journey we need to be open for learning and have the courage to challenge when needed and at the same time be good to ourselves in the process.


We believe there must always be room for people’s diverse needs, desires, and dreams. With this, ownership and sustainable success will follow.


We take pride in mastery; therefore, we will never stop learning. With curiosity and energy, we embrace and develop new ways of thinking. 


We know success comes from the courage to always challenge ourselves, our team and our clients. With high ethics and with our people’s and client’s best interest in mind, we dare to challenge.


We support sustainable development by enabling people around us to grow and succeed through servant behaviors. By coaching, listening to understand and commitment, we encourage people to take on new responsibilities.

Sense the atmosphere

Thomas Ilskov

Senior Enabler

“Here we truly enable people. We see them grow in business and at a personal level. Enabling other people, to help them master basic skills and practice in daily routines. That is where I as an enabler get fueled and ready for the next challenge.”

Betina Noer

Project Lead

“I love that we develop and learn through curiosity and courage both as individuals as well as a team. We care for each other and value our diversity.”

Fredrik Fjellstedt


“I have never worked in a team that are so willing to honestly learn, every day, on how to push the limits of what we can accomplish together. We don’t see failures, only new insights and learnings for what we should do next.”

Thomas Bouraoui

Senior Enabler

Dorthe Krøyer

Project Coordinator

Johan Nytomt

Senior Enabler

Global reach

All our programs are standardised to enable organisations to cascade the same capabilities to all leaders and team members across industries and cultures.
Our programmes are available in multiple languages.

Our team and partners are situated all over the world to ensure strong, multicultural anchoring and local insights. We challenge ourselves to venture into new territories, companies and cultures.


We meet you where you are.