TWI Institute Scandinavia and Switzerland
TWI Institute Scandinavia and Switzerland

At BTP we are official Global Partner with the TWI Institute in the United States. We are trained and certified to offer and implement their TWI and KATA programs. We have the rights to do this in Scandinavia and Switzerland. We have created two departments - TWI Institute Scandinavia and TWI Institute Switzerland, both of which follow the guidelines of the TWI Institute, USA. Our global network of other Global TWI Partners means that we can offer TWI globally.

Our consultants are trained and certified by the official TWI Institute in the United States.

Read more about the TWI and KATA programs and find out what they are, what you get from them, how to get started, and more.

Common Thread in TWI and Toyota KATA

After working with TWI for several years, we can see a common thread through the TWI and KATA programs. They are all so basic and user-friendly that they are often used as a basis for our customers' talent/leadership development programs. After learning, for example, the basic TWI Job Relations program, several leadership programs continue with follow-up modules, such as: feedback models; how do you ask open questions?; understanding of emotions in change processes. Read more about these services here.

Do you want to know more about TWI & Toyota KATA? Then see our big Knowledge Center, where you can find a great deal of information about TWI and KATA and its upcoming; an in-depth introduction essay about TWI and modern companies – such as LEGO and Vestas – use and results with the programs.

Questions about TWI or KATA?

John Vellema (DK)

Joakim Bjurström (SE)