Our way of working with organizational changes is simple - and very effective.

Anyone can learn how to use our substantial TWI, HR and Lean tools. We use all of them based on a focus on and respect for the individual in the change process. We work, among other things, with managing the emotions the individual has in the process and which are not necessarily coveted by those who execute it. We are often called a consulting house that takes the pace of the implementation process and helps to prioritize the many tasks during the process. When we work this way, it is to create a gentle change where everyone can participate and receive deep ownership of that which is new.

Below you can see some of our specific services, which include counseling, education assignments and coaching in each subject area. We have these services in the subject areas, but our absolute excellence is to make them work together in a higher context.


At BTP we are official Global Partner with the TWI Institute in the United States. We are trained and certified to offer and implement their TWI and KATA programs. We have the rights to do this in Scandinavia and Switzerland.


At BTP we offer HR services with a focus on Dynamic Coaching and Change Psychology in practice. Read more about our HR services and our change methods here.