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Through a structured approach, our managers cultivate positive job relationships that help to reinforce a company’s culture, minimize stress and disruptions, and allow for greater focus on core tasks. By prioritizing these fundamental principles, our leaders can better support their employees and be fully present for their needs.



Date: 1 March 2023
By: Pernille Højland-Rønde,
Head of Communication & Culture
Trifork Digital Health

Effective training in conflict management and cooperation to foster positive work environment

The TWI method’s Job Relations program is designed to equip managers with the skills necessary to handle conflicts, improve communication, and promote effective collaboration in the workplace. The ultimate goal is to create a more harmonious working environment and a more satisfying workplace experience for everyone involved.


Strong relationships are the foundation for success

At Trifork, our Deputy CEO and CCO, Jesper Grankær Carøe, recognized the potential of the Job Relations program as a simple yet highly effective approach to improving management skills. As a result, several business areas within Trifork decided to test the concept, enlisting the help of John Vellema from Business Through People to present the model.

“After witnessing the benefits firsthand, we agreed to implement the Job Relations program and continue to see promising results. Our commitment to this training program reflects our dedication to creating a positive work environment where effective communication, collaboration, and conflict resolution are prioritized, ultimately resulting in a more fulfilling workplace experience for all employees,” says Jesper.


Building strong workplace relationships is crucial for success

According to Jesper, building strong relationships is crucial to creating a positive work environment and fostering constructive cooperation both internally and with internal and external partners. Good relationships can lead to increased job satisfaction and productivity, while strained relationships can result in conflicts, stress, and a poor working environment. Therefore, it is essential to prioritize relationships in the workplace and create a culture where communication and cooperation are emphasized.

“Strong relationships are the foundation for success in every aspect of business - from employees to colleagues, customers, and partners. However, relationships are not always easy to maintain, and strained relationships can negatively impact collaboration both internally and externally, ultimately impeding work processes. If we fail to address and resolve such issues, it can lead to the end of cooperation, which is a loss for all parties involved.”

Jesper emphasizes that this is precisely why Trifork focuses on Job Relations, which aims to improve work processes and create a better workplace by providing training on effective working methods and collaborative relationships. Through this approach, we strive to create a harmonious workplace where relationships are valued and prioritized, leading to increased productivity, job satisfaction, and ultimately, success.

Good cooperation isn’t something that comes naturally
- we have to earn it and invest in it

Trine Dau Larsen, Head of Human Empowerment, and Jens Peter Hedegård, Vice President, from Trifork train the management concept Job Relations.

Fostering strong relationships across the organization for Improved collaboration and success

Trifork’s Head of Human Empowerment, Trine Dau Larsen, and Vice President, Jens Peter Hedegård, were involved from the beginning when the company decided to implement “Job Relations.” In fact, Trine even became a certified trainer in the method through Business Through People, allowing her to train other managers in the skills.

At Trifork, Job Relations is used to cultivate relationships with both customers and employees. The method is straightforward and enables quick and purposeful collaboration among managers. “Learning & Sharing sessions” are held weekly, where managers work on fundamental problem-solving principles and train their skills.

The groups are composed of individuals from across the organization to complement one another as effectively as possible. Each meeting has a facilitator, while everyone else focuses on a case presented by a managerial colleague. Trine Dau Larsen has witnessed firsthand how effective the method can be and believes that everyone needs support to act more proactively.

Jens Peter Hedegård has personally experienced success with Job Relations, stating that the method has strengthened his ability to react quickly and stay aware of goals. He emphasizes that agility requires finding solutions through the process and not having ready-made solutions for all problems.

Overall, Job Relations is a simple and effective method that helps Trifork build and develop relationships while strengthening its ability to collaborate and act quickly and purposefully among managers.

Strengthening leadership and collaboration with relationship muscle training

“At Trifork, we see investing in the “relationship muscle” through the Job Relations method as a valuable investment,” explains Trine Dau Larsen. “It provides simple tools for managers to detect and minimize conflicts before they arise and ensures that everyone is aligned with the company’s culture.”

All people need backing and support


Trine adds that the Job Relations method has created a familiar environment across the organization, with teams of 5-10 participants. This allows challenges to be ventilated, constructive feedback to be given, and relational issues to be viewed objectively, rather than subjectively. She emphasizes that an open and safe culture is necessary to fully utilize the methodology and that there is always room for learning for all participants. 

“Management is primarily a relational collaboration with our employees and customers,” Trine notes. “Good cooperation isn’t something that comes naturally - we have to earn it and invest in it. That’s why it makes sense to continuously train and improve our skills in that area.

Trifork continues to enhance their ability to build strong relationships and improve collaboration skills

Jesper looks towards the future and shares his vision, stating that at Trifork, they understand the importance of detecting potential issues in relationships before they arise. He emphasizes the need to continuously improve their abilities to manage relationships and potential conflicts. Despite the inevitability of encountering challenges, Jesper believes that with consistent practice and focus, they can continue to strengthen their relational skills.

Moving forward, Trifork will continue to prioritize Job Relations training in their selected departments in Aarhus, with the goal of enhancing their abilities to identify and proactively address any issues that may arise in their relationships with both employees and customers.

Advantages of TWI and Job Relations

  • Standardized training method: TWI offers a standardized and documented training method that can be used across departments and work functions.
  • Improved productivity: By training in effective work and communication methods, TWI and Job Relations can help increase productivity and reduce the number of errors and misunderstandings.
  • Better management and collaboration: Job Relations trains managers to improve their communication and collaboration skills, and can help them learn to handle conflicts and create a more harmonious working environment.
  • Increased satisfaction and well-being: By investing in leadership development and training, TWI and Job Relations can contribute to creating a more satisfying and positive workplace culture where employees feel valued and motivated.

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