New partnership agreement between Business Through People ApS (BTP) and Psychologist Kok Ravn ApS



John Vellema is very much looking forward to the new partnership agreement with cand. psych. Brian Kok Ravn and the future collaboration with Dynamic Leadership & Coaching. By offering short and long training sessions, and customized business sessions for teams and individuals.


Identically they say:

“We have been educated in the same method with respectively the commercial and psychological approaches. We are looking forward to helping leaders and employees to perform even better by using emotion’s raw power. We can give people the opportunity to perform even better by releasing the automatic defense position, so the emotion’s raw power works for you and your surroundings, so you thereby achieve better external results and relations.”


”I very much look forward to the cooperation because we match each other well. Brian Kok Ravn is experienced in his line of business within the clinical field of therapy and training of psychologists, while I have my work experience within the business world with training, coaching and management guidance. We bring all the combined experiences into play,” John Vellema says and continues:


“It means the world to me, that I, as a teacher and in the work with individuals in organizations, dare to be authentically present and use my emotion’s energy in the room. To understand my own and other’s defense mechanisms has given my sessions today a bigger effect. Unlocking people’s full potential is the core of BTP.”

More fun to go to work

Brian Kok Ravn has a strong profile within clinical psychology and healthcare with his company. He educates other psychologists and helps them to help others. He describes the cooperation with John Vellema as informal, personal, serious, but fun at the same time and looks forward to another field of work:

“I am thrilled to team up with a strong player in this business. It gives a platform and an opportunity, which would have taken me a long time to build, if we hadn’t gone into partnership,” Brian Kok Ravn says and continues:


“This leadership development, this framework we lead, is personal and invites you to be close to your emotions. It is a challenge not only to develop yourself, but it may also be fun to go to work. We can release a potential when we let go of the automated defence position. It is my experience, that it makes it easier to cooperate. This tool can do that, and it is a breathtaking experience when it takes place. It is our goal to help people to perform from a more playful level. Legend, but in a serious way. “


Some of the approaches, which he works with as a psychologist, can with advantages be used in a business context and release potential.

Short on theory

How we generally deal with our emotions and communicate on the emotional plan, depends on our personality. And our personality is created early in life. Freud speaks of defense mechanisms.

When we go into the defense position, all creativity is blocked. A group can be tense around a situation and have a group dynamic, where everyone takes care of themselves. The group can have a freer flow if people do not react by entering the defense position.


If you are in balance with yourself, and there is a link between one’s emotional life on the inside and on the outside, you are authentic. Is there a discrepancy between your emotions inside and what you show on the outside, you risk creating distrust and tension. In the different coaching course, you have an opportunity to be aware of both sides. It is developing processes for the whole human being.

Brian Kok Ravn says it like this:

“You cannot let your emotions stay at home when you walk out the door. The feelings follow you when you go to work. How can we use the emotions consciously? Are we as a leader aware of our own emotions in the different processes? Are we aware of employees’ emotions? Emotions, motivation, and emotional well-being begin with us. We use emotions all the time, but we may not be explicitly aware of them. This conscious attention of our core emotions is a hidden potential,” Brian Kok Ravn thinks.

The origin of DynCo

Dynamic Coaching is based on ISTDP (Intensive Short Term Dynamic Psychotherapy). It is a method, which has been developed for clients with mental disorders.

Brian Kok Ravn has helped to establish the Danish Association of ISTDP.


In Denmark cand. psych. Ph.D. Laura Mott saw the potential in using the method in an organizational context. She educated other psychologists in the method with “Core training”, and John Vellema, who had a dispensation to take the education, although he is an engineering graduate. John has many years of experience with process changes, where feelings, anxiety and defense always come into play. Understanding our own and other’s conflict triangles is an extremely strong accelerator when we work with leadership, relations and changes.

Brian Kok Ravn is authorized psychologist Cand. Psych. And certified in Intensive Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy (ISTDP) by Dr. Patricia Coughlin and certified as an internationally acknowledged ISTDP train-the-trainer teacher by Jon Frederickson. Brian is an associated coach at BTP and daily he runs the company: Psykolog Kok Ravn ApS.

Psychologist Kok Ravn ApS is founded in 2017.

Brian Kok Ravn is authorized Psychologist, cand.psych., Specialist in psychotherapy, Specialist in Psychoterapy and Clinical Psychology, Specialist in Psychiatry.

He offers individual therapy, couples therapy, and nature therapy for private persons. He has business customers, and he is a teacher in ISTDP.

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