Announcement: New co-operation between BTP and Claus Thor

We are happy to make an announcement of a new co-operation between Business Through People (BTP) and Claus Thor, who now is an associated Senior Enabler. Founder of BTP John Vellema says:

”Our co-operation is good and open and based on trust. We think long term, both national and international. Together we can help even more organizations to achieve results through people. Our collaboration aims to increase our focus on the hospital system and the public sector. We can serve these sectors much better together.”, John Vellema says and continues:

“We can accelerate this process with the knowledge and skills of Claus Thor. Together we can give Lean new life in the public sector. In many places, Lean has been misunderstood. Lean is all about the people. We would like to correct the misunderstanding and share the understanding of how important the human part of Lean is.”

Claus Thor is delighted to have the same sphere of interest as BTP, which he came to know when he was Chief Improvement Officer, Psychiatry of Southern Denmark. He is now Certified Train the Trainer in Job Instruction and Job Relation:

“I am crazy about how exceptional well the training material hits the professionalism. It is basic, universal, beyond cultures, and of high quality. I love to make a difference for leaders and staff in a world, that becomes more complex and unpredictable by working methodical and structured with something so scientifically based”, says Claus Thor.

Claus Thor is an educated Master of Science and has a large experience in the public sector and especially within the health care sector. Among other things, he has been Head of Lean & Innovation and Centre for Innovative Medical Technology, Odense University Hospital, which is the largest University Hospital in Denmark.

BTP is founded in September 2012.
All the written material from BTP is developed over years and is scalable, also on a larger scale.
BTP is a company, which develops training material and learn others how to help organizations and companies to a good, safe, and developing culture by living up to the name: Business Through People. 

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John Vellema is Partner and Senior Enabler in Business Through People ApS.