Announcement: New partnership agreement between BTP and Champ



We are happy to announce a new partnership agreement between Business Through People (BTP) and Champ. Founder of BTP John Vellema says:

”We are very much looking forward to the strategic cooperation with Champ and the continuous cooperation in meeting the customers. Many organisations have an overall learning management system, which does not always support the employees or the leaders in operation. The solution with the IT platform from Champ supports the employees and the leaders as a supplement to the enabling process and the work with TWI Job Instructions”.

Morten Ulrikkeholm from Champ looks forward to an exciting journey, where this cooperation was obvious:

“We represent two Danish companies, specialized in this field of work. BTP is skilled at facilitating improvements in large organisations. This in combination with our IT platform to support the work, gives a strong performance. I see a large international perspective. We address us to the same customers, but not as competitors”, says Morten Ulrikkeholm and continues:

“Other than that, it creates trust from our customers, that we have had our daily walk on the factory floor and been close to the operator. It is one of our common forces”.

John Vellema and Morten Ulrikkeholm share a common background from the engineering study in Odense and the elite sports, where John has been engaged in rowing and Morten in sailing.

“We use our experiences from the culture in elite sport, where you keep training until you master a skill. That our companies cooperate, is a good and strong combination”, says John Vellema.

  • The Champ platform was launched in 2017
  • Champ is an app and web-based platform to support on the job training, skill management and the use of job instructions. Our focus is to provide an easy-to-use tool for trainers and trainees to make sure their focus can be on the training and not the administration and documentation of it. At the same time the platform is designed to provide management overview to make sure an effective training setup is sustained over time and is scalable across departments or sites.


Visit Champ's website here. Explore all of BTP's partners here.

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John Vellema is Partner and Senior Enabler in Business Through People ApS.