Business Through People (BTP) is growing – in more than one way

We are very proud to announce that the BTP Partner circle is growing. On January 1st, 2022, Fredrik Fjellstedt and Denis Becker became Partners of Business Through People.

Fredrik joined BTP as Senior Enabler in January 2020 and has over the last two years brought his deep knowledge and experience about Hoshin Kanri to the BTP portfolio. His positive mindset, extensive experience, and great personality has been a huge contributor to the growth of BTP over the last two years and he is a tremendous resource going forward.

Denis's journey to becoming a BTP partner started as a strategic alliance with his UK-based Supervisor Academy® already in 2017. Having worked even more closely together in the last year on program development and supporting our clients, joining forces was a logical next step in our alliance, as together we are becoming an even stronger business. Denis contributes deep knowledge and experience in TWI, Lean and Standardised work. He also brings great energy, drive, and spirit to BTP and to our clients.

This also means that the Supervisor Academy® trademark is now a BTP brand.

Fredrik is now taking on the role of Country Manager in Sweden and Denis will take on the role of Country Manager in the UK for the coming year. As BTP expands, local leadership is needed and it opens up new, exciting career paths.

John Vellema, founder and partner of BTP:

“We are expanding our Partner circle and acquiring Supervisor Academy® to ensure we have the capacity and resources to meet our ambitious strategy for 2025 and beyond. We see very strong growth for our Enabling Process in the coming years, both with our existing clients, as well as in new regions and industries.

By expanding our circle of Partners, we also make sure we continue to learn and develop as an organisation, therefore practicing what we teach”


If you do not yet know Fredrik (left) or Denis (right), please read more about them and the rest of our team here.

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About the author

Joakim Bjurström is Partner and Senior Consultant in Business Through People ApS.