We are on our way back from this year’s TWI Summit and KataCon in the USA and will try to sum up some of our learnings this time.

One question you might ask is “why do we need to go to another conference"? For us it is simple - every time we go, we learn lots of new small things and deepen our understanding. As soon you think you know it all and don’t challenge this, you lose momentum and valuable time to learn. 

At this event we learned many things and we also get confirmation that the way we do many things are proven to be best practice.

These learnings and confirmations are of course very important to us, but not as important as the new friends we are getting and the ones we re-visit. We have been attending these events for many years now, and many of the people we meet here – we consider as good friends. This is the biggest reason for us to join these events, at the end of the day what matters the most is good relations. We know that good relations create good results every day. Of course, we do not only share during these events, but also, we meet between events and online via social media.


Here are some key learnings we want to share with you:
  • At the TWI Summit, it became clear to us that the connection between TWI Job Methods (TWI JM) and Toyota Kata is very strong! TWI JM is a very good instrument when describing both a Current condition and a Target condition!
  • We also hear that many people was talking about the need for the supporting processes around the TWI “J” Programs, and this was a re-confirmation about the way that we at BTP have been working for years, where we have been expanding our system thinking from John's work at LEGO. This is something we will continue to work on, as we see this is one of the things missing.
  • Empathy was a big thing this time and we really enjoy this. If the coach has no empathy for the learner, little will come out of the coaching. Here we see that TWI Job Relations together with DynCo can be a very strong enabler for working with the Coach, and we look forward to coming home to experiment even more with this. A general topic doing both summits was servant leadership and finding the right people. These 2 topics are very good and related. We think it will be one of the topics that we will be exploring more over the coming years.

We want to finish this post off with a very nice quote from our friend Mark Rosenthal:

“As coaches we are to push the learner’s knowledge threshold, not demonstrate our own”

Now we have to shut down, they are serving food on the plane!

We hope you enjoyed this blog, and please give us feedback! Please give us a call or come by for coffee, there is so much to talk about!

See y'all at next year's TWI and Kata Summit in the USA or at the European TWI and Toyota Kata Summit in Barcelona June 3rd to 4th. 

All the best!

John & Joakim


Below you can click through some pictures from our trip! 

Bike team
Bike team
Dwayne Butcher, Skip Steward, John Vellema and Jim Huntzinger
Dwayne Butcher, Skip Steward, John Vellema and Jim Huntzinger
TWI and Toyota Kata Summit Europe 2020 team
TWI and Toyota Kata Summit Europe 2020 team

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About the author

Joakim Bjurström is Partner and Senior Consultant in Business Through People ApS.