Continuous Improvement with a Scientific approach 

A lot of companies invest time and resources in Continuous Improvement. According to studies across the world, around 85% of all companies fail to succeed with sustaining and getting the true results from that effort.  

Customers and markets require that results improve, often in terms of quality, cost and delivery, while maintaining a safe environment for people and the communities they live in, both physically and mentally. The best we know to meet that is by developing our people to solve strive for better conditions 

The time you spend on improvements must be used 

Efficiently and Effectively 

That means time must be used well and the time spent must give effect. Do you agree? 

If the answer is "Yes!" - a good starting point is to tune in on this webinar to learn the key concepts in Toyota Kata – Continuous Improvement with a Scientific approach, presented by our Senior Enabler Joakim Bjurström 

What is Toyota Kata? 

Toyota Kata is a practice routine to become a scientific thinker. In a world that is constantly changing, people in organizations around the world need really strong patterns that can help them cope and maintain an innovative and agile approach to the work that needs to be done.   

This is NOT simple, since the human brain is poorly equipped to be scientific because of our bias from previous experience. That is why a structured practice routine is so helpful for people in all levels of the organization.   

Video on Toyota Kata

In this video you will learn more about how you as a leader can:  

  • Challenge your organization on different levels 
  • Understand your Current situation 
  • Use medium term conditions to develop your people and your processes 
  • Use PDCA experiments to overcome the real obstacles in your way  

Your next step could be:

If you have any questions to the content in this video or to Toyota Kata in general, you are most welcome to either ask them directly to one of our Enablers or to call us.

No matter what you do, it all starts with you daring to take the lead.

About the author

Joakim Bjurström is Partner and Senior Consultant in Business Through People ApS.