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Basic video introduction on Hoshin Kanri
– Innovation Leadership System

Most companies invest both time and resources in developing strategies. Yet, many of the companies are struggling to actually achieve their strategic goals in a timely and effective way.

The following phrase illustrates one of the main reasons for why this is the case:

     It took the management team 30 days to develop the strategy

     It took the organization 30 seconds to misunderstand it

Do you also recognize this challenge of creating clarity and commitment about your strategy among leaders and team members?

If the answer is "Yes!" - a good starting point is to tune in on this webinar to learn the key concepts in “Hoshin Kanri – Innovation Leadership System”, presented by our Senior Enabler Fredrik Fjellstedt.

What is Hoshin Kanri

Hoshin Kanri, also referred to as Policy Deployment, is mainly an approach and a leadership capability with the purpose to achieve breakthrough development by involving leaders and team members on all levels in the organization.

Video on Hoshin Kanri

In the video you will learn more about how you as a leader can:

  • Challenge the organization to achieve better results
  • Involve more leaders and team members in the strategic work
  • Effectively transform strategic plans to concrete actions
  • Capture innovative ideas during the strategic work 

If you have any questions to the content in the video or in general to Hoshin Kanri, you are very welcome to ask them below in the comments or ask them directly to fredrik@btp.dk

Learn more about our approach to Hoshin Kanri here

About the author

Fredrik Fjellstedt is Senior Enabler in Business Through People ApS

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