Standardized work and the Role of the Supervisor.

In this video Masaaki Imai is explaining Concept of Standardization and The Role of Supervisors.

 Do you know whose Role it is to Maintain and Improve Standards in Your Company? In many companies Supervisors don´t regard that, that standardization is them´s job. What happens on the shopfloor, often processes go back and forth, says Imai.

Whenever things go wrong at the gemba, such as producing rejects or dissatisfying customers, management should seek out the root cause, take actions to remedy the situation, and change the work procedure to eliminate the problem. In Kaizen terminology, managers should implement the Standardize-Do-Check-Act (SDCA) cycle and hereafter the Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) cycle. But if you don’t have a system, that standard level will go down. What is this system that Imai is talking about? 

Do you know what is The Role of Supervisors in Your company? What are thems Job?

Masaaki Imai was first person who wrote in his book Gemba Kaizen (1987) how the TWI J programs came to Japan from USA.  Many people in USA was surprised to hear that TWI was developed in USA. In Japan the TWI J programs become very effective way to train Japanize Supervisors and Workers.  Training Within Industry (TWI) helps Your Supervisors and Workers integrate Kaizen into their daily routine.  View the video to learn more!

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