The Danish nicotine gum manufacturer has tested TWI in a pilot project. The results are so promising that the company will now introduce TWI as structured job training on the production floor in two Danish factories and eventually an Indian one.

John Vellema had the great opportunity to interview Masaaki Imai, during the TWI and Kata Summit Europe 2015 - where he is explaining the Concept of Standardization and The Role of Supervisors.

"In the autumn of 2014 we conducted five pilot projects with TWI and it has delivered very clear results all the way," says Peter Højvig, Senior Consultant in Odense Municipality. This has resulted in better service for citizens, less wasted time and higher quality in case management, greater satisfaction among citizens, deeper professionalism and greater clarity regarding management roles.

If you want to get better at your work on the production line, you just ask a colleague, right? Training Within Industry (TWI) is the missing link to Lean, which faces off against the classic and usually unsustainable side-by-side learning or the belief that you can just send an email with the new standard - and then hope that employees will read and follow it.

Feelings in improvement work are essential to focus on in the daily work.

Post Danmark Pakkeproduktion finds missing link in its LEAN implementation

TWI minimizes errors and increases productivity at the Virginia Mason Medical Center in Seattle.

LEGO, Novo Nordisk and Danske Bank are getting more out of LEAN with TWI.

Kopenhagen Fur is successful in its training of operators that leads to increased productivity with TWI.