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We are happy to make an announcement of a new partnership agreement between BTP and Psychologist Kok Ravn ApS. Read more here.

We are happy to make an announcement of a new partnership agreement between BTP and Champ. Read more here.

We are happy to make an announcement of a new TWI JI Master Trainer. Read more here.

We are happy to make an announcement of a new co-operation between Business Through People (BTP) and Claus Thor, who now is an associated Senior Enabler.

We are very proud to announce that the BTP Partner circle is growing. On January 1st, 2022, Fredrik Fjellstedt and Denis Becker became Partners of Business Through People.

MeToo has been filling the papers and news channels for months. Yes, there is an issue and yes there is problems that needs to be solved. No doubt about it.

The end of the year is getting close and BTP wants to say a big Thank You for all the great experiences, all the exciting learnings and all the great inputs and discussions.

How often do you see a company where a change does not reach the desired level of implementation, where the employees do not understand the change and where you (maybe unjustified) assume that the employees are against changes.

I dare to say that it happens rather often. But why is that?

Do you remember your first day at your current job? You were probably excited, a little nervous, full of anticipation and highly motivated.

In many companies, it is still the case that you are trained by a colleague as a newcomer. Usually, 4-8 weeks are set aside for the task, depending on the job. There is no ongoing control of the effect of the training. There is also no plan that gives an overall overview of what you as a new colleague should learn. On the first day, typically not much is happening.

Read the article and see an example of how Idealcombi ensures motivation and competence within two hours already on the first day at work.

In is this video Joakim Bjurström and Denis Becker is explaining their learnings with Standardized Work! We hope you will enjoy the video.   

See the full video by clicking on the picture above