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We are on our way back from this year’s TWI Summit and KataCon in the USA and will here try to sum up some of our learnings this time.

One question you might ask is “why do we need to go to another conference"? Read the full blog post by clicking on the picture above or this link - we promise you won’t regret reading it.

FOSS Analytical has chosen TWI Job Relations (TWI JR) in their work with relations.

This video is contains a basic introduction to the TWI J Programs, the history about TWI, the link between TWI & Lean and the 7 starter steps to get started with TWI. 

Note: this video is in Danish.

See the full video by clicking on the picture above - I promise you won’t regret it.


John Vellema had the great opportunity to interview Masaaki Imai, doing the TWI and Kata Summit Europe 2015 - where he is explaining Concept of Standardization and The Role of Supervisors.

LEGO, Novo Nordisk and Danske Bank are getting more out of LEAN with TWI.

Getting to standard work in Healthcare

Interview with Patrick Graupp TWI Senior Master Trainer about, how to succeed with LEAN in Healthcare, through the TWI J Programs.

Interview conducted by John Vellema, Partner and Senior Enabler of Business Through People with Patrick Graupp, TWI Senior Master Trainer from the TWI Institute, NY.