Learn about TWI Problem Solving and get better results for your organization

TWI Problem Solving (PS) is a way to teach your supervisors to solve problems - quickly and efficiently. This is done using the three TWI methods (JIJR & JM) in a systematic way.

The way to train your supervisors to become competent in problem solving so that they don't have to wait for someone else to come and fix it for them.

Learn to deal with problems

TWI Problem Solving (Problem Solving) is about creating more value and better results for your organization: When leaders and supervisors can handle problems - which are inevitable in any organization - effectively, you can focus on the value-adding work.

Therefore, the program is designed to teach a dynamic approach to problems that make TWI PS long-lasting. Learn to deal with problems not just now, but also for the future.

Effect of TWI PS 

TWI PS is a program that seeks for your supervisors to become self-reliant so that problems can be solved when they are there.

The program can be a superstructure of the three previous TWI programs, as it gives a renewed focus on how the programs in interaction have a greater effect. An effect focused on dealing with and solving problems.

TWI Problem Solving 

A thorough analysis determines the cause, and then you can take countermeasures. Here, the previously implemented TWI programs will constitute the countermeasure to solve the given problem:   

  • If there is a problem with relations, TWI Job Relations is the solution
  • If there is a problem regarding training, TWI Job Instruction is the solution
  • If there is a problem with the process, TWI Job Methods is the solution

Case - Video 

A Basic Introduction to Training Within Industry - TWI - (In Danish)

This video is contains a basic introduction to the TWI J Programs, the history about TWI, the link between TWI & Lean and the 7 starter steps to get started with TWI. 

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