Learn about TWI Job Safety and get a safe work environment 

The way to create and maintain a healthy and safe work environment.

TWI Job Safety (JS) is the part of TWI that provides a systematic way of identifying and eliminating the factors that lead to accidents. TWI JS was not one of the original TWI programs developed during World War II. The program was developed by the Japanese in collaboration with the Americans in Japan after the war, and much later it was brought back to the United States by Patrick Graupp from the TWI Institute (formerly from Sanyo, Japan).

The four steps of TWI Job Safety:
  •     Step 1: Identify the causes of the danger
  •     Step 2: Decide on countermeasures
  •     Step 3: Take countermeasures
  •     Step 4: Investigate results

Your supervisors will learn how to identify each step on the way to finding the source of a possible accident and make sure it will never happen (again).

The approach of TWI JS

Safety incidents don't just happen. They are caused by various factors: parts and materials, equipment, tools/machines, working methods or environment.

They can also be caused by people because of their mental or physical states, attitudes and methods, the use of personal protective equipment as well as education or timing and environment in their work. 

Course of action 

JS teaches the supervisor to analyze these factors in order to identify and eliminate the causes of accidents before they occur. Like the other TWI programs, it is a 4-step method, which can also easily be brought around in the form of a card.

Our Approach with TWI

At BTP, we believe that leaders create leaders - that is why you need to lead and design your system that will create and maintain these crucial skills and the desired culture. In this process we can advise, coach and train you in doing so, step by step throughout the process.

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