TWI Job Methods: Creates a foundation in your work with continuous improvements, which Toyota nowadays calls "Kaizen"

Description of TWI Job Methods

Once you have anchored Job Instruction and Job Relations as part of your culture, it's time to go into depth with process improvements. By now you have learned how to train your workers in the best possible way, and your supervisors have learned to create and maintain good relations with the employees - and with this you are well on the way to stabilizing and standardizing your production.

TWI Job Methods (JM) is a proven process improvement program directly connected to Toyota's Kaizen program. See Art Smalley permeates TWI JM Toyotas Kaizen program still today. When all three TWI programs - TWI JI, TWI JR and TWI JM - have been implemented, the foundation to the TWI Problem Solving program has been laid.


You will learn how to eliminate, combine, rearrange and simplify jobs so that you make the best use of the people, machines, and material that you have at your disposal.

Course setup

The course is conducted in 5x2 hours, 2 hours every day for one week. The content is a mixture of lectures, discussions and practical exercises. When the course hours are done, it is recommended that you carry out TWI JM's follow-up coaching which is customized to your implementation of TWI.

You will learn:

How to continuously improve and how to perform a job - focusing on increasing quality and productivity as well as lowering your costs - according to the TWI JM 4-step method:

  • Step 1: Break down the job
  • Step 2: Ask about every detail
    • "Why" and "what" questions - to eliminate misunderstandings
    • "Where", "when", and "who" questions - to combine and rearrange
    • "How" questions - to simplify
  • Step 3: Develop the new method
    • "Sell" the change to your environment
    • Obtain the approval you need
    • Immediately apply the new method
    • Give credit to those involved
  • Step 4: Use the new method