BTP offers the course Spot the Talent.

The course is about learning to discover the talents of your organization - both relative to your TWI journey and to your other change projects. We would like to help you find the right profiles that can be at the front line of your change project.

When you are going to use a new change agent/supervisor, you often - automatically – choose the worker with the best performance. It's not necessarily the best choice. The demands of a good supervisor are not the same as those of a good worker.

The manager's task is to get his/her team to achieve his/her goal and the supervisor often takes on the complex role of "playing coach".

Choosing the wrong supervisor has major consequences for your workers and production.

You know your workers better than we do - that's for sure! But do you know what is good to look for in a supervisor? What behaviors and characteristics should be focused on in the selection process?

Our main focus in the course is to train you to work with this important selection process. We train you in our selection tools and provide advice on the process itself: from information to the workers about the role to the conversations with the possible candidates and feedback to the applicants after the selection has been made.

Our selection process is described in detail in the TWI LEGO book, which you can read more about here.

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