Toyota Kata Learner training

Our Toyota Kata Learner training program follows the known and effective format from the TWI programs, where all participants will practice the routine. 

The Program 

This program was developed as a result of extensive use of our TK10hour program. We could see Coaches being developed, but their Learners where simply not prepared to be coached. There is a level of detail that Learners need to be able to work efficiently and effectively with Toyota Kata. That level is difficult to achieve through coaching alone and it is, in our experience, not a secure and stabile process.  

After this solid 2-day training, the Learner is prepared to receive coaching. We see examples when the future coaches do a handshake with their Learners, where both parties feel secure enough to start their Learner/Coach journey! That is when we can see real progress with an accelerated development.  

Learn by doing 

Through this Toyota Kata Learner training, you will get training in the use of Improvement Kata. You will experience the routines and concepts as a Learner, working with your team as well as being part of the team. All participants will need to demonstrate their ability during the training.  

The course is designed to make sure you learn by doing and has a “low tech, high touch” approach. We firmly believe that hearing and seeing is not enough, you need to do it to learn. This is not about learning how to answer a few questions from your Coach, but how to create a culture that develops stronger individuals and teams.  

This course includes:

Theory and practice

  • Gives participants knowledge and the opportunity to practice in a safe environment. 
  • Accelerates the learning and development of KATA skills.

The "Learn-by-doing" way 

  • A more effective way of teaching. Hearing and seeing is not enough - we have to do it. 
  • Practice and mentoring applied to real problems. 

Well-defined program that can be spread globally - just like our TWI programs. 

  • This standardized training and teaching will create uniformity throughout the organization
  • It will get you certified to train your own people.  


Case - Video 

Video Toyota Kata 

Here is the recording from our webinar on Toyota Kata from April 14 where our Senior Enabler and Toyota Kata Master Trainer Joakim Bjurström summarizes this exciting concept! See the full video by clicking - I promise you won’t regret it.

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