TWI & Toyota Kata Simulation

The aim of this Simulation is to teach and practice Improvement KATA and Coaching KATA, and how they interact with the TWI programs and Lean tools.  

The Simulation was initially meant to be only an awareness training tool to create initial insights and getting the first “touch and feel” of Toyota Kata. As all things develop, it is today used as a training tool for Learners getting ready to be coached as well as “deep dive” training for advanced Kata practitioners. It is also used as a tool to practice Value stream Mapping (VSM) as well as Standardized Work.

Being a Simulation, not a game! 

The simulation is adaptable to your needs in terms of what is necessary to emphasize in your organization.  

By using Coaching KATA, you will set goals and try to achieve them. During this process, there will be obstacles that can be overcome by the TWI programs - for example: 

  • Variation in the execution of the work. Here, TWI Job Instruction may be used.
  • If the process is difficult to perform or takes too long, TWI Job Methods may be used. 
  • If the process is unsafe to perform, the use of TWI Job Safety may come in handy. 
  • If there is resistance to change, TWI Job Relations may be used - to overcome the obstacle.  

The day will consist of:  

  • Theory and practice in Improvement KATA, Coaching KATA and the integration with the TWI programs. 
  • Participation in a practical and fun simulation of a production flow, with endless opportunities to experiment and thus practice KATA Coaching. 
  • The opportunity to experience being a learner and a coach in an organization. 
  • Experiencing the connection between the company vision and daily learning. 


How does it work?  

A facilitator is guiding the Learners through the steps of the Improvement Kata, letting them decide the route toward the Challenge. With a coaching approach, the facilitator allows learners to go through the Grey Zone of learning, in a safe environment.  

You can do the Simulation for a day, or several days depending on your scope of learning.  

As all of our offerings, it is built upon a solid base of standardization. This allows you to become a Simulation facilitator by joining a Train the trainer class. Please note, you need to experience the Simulation as a learner before attending a Train the Trainer class.  

Case - Video 

Video Toyota Kata 

Here is the recording from our webinar on Toyota Kata from April 14 where our Senior Enabler and Toyota Kata Master Trainer Joakim Bjurström summarizes this exciting concept! See the full video by clicking - I promise you won’t regret it.

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