Through our Toyota Kata training, you can create and maintain this picture below as all of these topics are skills that can be developed through our Toyota Kata training programs.

  • Because with Toyota Kata, all your people have a shared mindset on how to meet the Challenges of tomorrow. Imagine that you have such strong cultural patterns that all people strive to meet what is needed tomorrow but conceived as impossible today.

  • Because all your Leaders will have a mindset of “Leaders create Leaders”, and there is a routine every day that develops people and teams so they are stronger, more capable and agile. 

  • Because Routine driven innovation and simplicity is built so your processing are improving along the way. The routine also ensures that all the time, money and effort you are investing in Continuous Improvement is used efficient and effectively! 



Our Approach

We believe that leaders create leaders - that is why you need to lead and design your system to create and maintain these crucial skills and the desired culture. In this process we advise, coach and train you in doing so, step by step throughout the process.

We call this our T3 Enabling Process.

Our Toyota Kata Programs

Toyota Kata Simulation

Learn to teach and practice Improvement KATA and Coaching KATA, and how they interact with the TWI programs and Lean tools.  

Toyota Kata 10-hour Training

This course follows the effective format from the TWI programs. The concept that all participants will practice the method.

Toyota Kata Boot Camp

This training is developed as a “deep dive” training to align Leaders and support functions (Lean- or Continuous Improvement-Teams, etc.

Toyota Kata Learner training

This program follows the known and effective format from the TWI programs. Here where all participants will practice the routine. 

Toyota Kata is an improvement and coaching routine that ensures continued development of your people and the company.  

This routine uses experiments to overcome the obstacles we face daily in pursuit of our desired goals. 

Continuous Improvement in the form of Lean and other philosophies have been used for decades. But still we have very few new Toyota’s around the world. How come?  

One reason, we believe, is that few companies have been able to create strong daily routines, driving a cultural change where developing people is in the center.  There are many tools in the toolbox of Continuous Improvement but knowing when to use what is a skill that has to be learned and pulled by scientific thinking!  


The two Toyota Kata routines are the hidden patterns that have ensured the success of Toyota for decades. Kata is a Japanese word that means “Way of doing” simply put. It comes from martial arts, where routines are practiced so much that they become internalized.  

The Improvement Kata is the pattern that ensures scientific thinking is applied in meeting the Challenges of the organization. Learners in all levels of the organization share the pattern.  

The Coaching Kata is the routine Leaders use to give momentum to the Improvement Kata. 

Scientific thinking is not new, it’s been around for thousands of years. Coaching routines, in terms of deliberate practice is not new either. But combining the two is kind of new.  



In the link below you can see a recording from our webinar on Toyota Kata from April 14 2020 where our Senior Enabler and Toyota Kata Master Trainer Joakim Bjurström summarizes this exciting concept!  

That means that if you missed the actual event, you are getting a new chance! And you can see it several times or share it with a colleague!  

Link to video