Team Development through song

Singing together is an effective tool for getting people into the game. Getting them to invite and take responsibility.

The individual develops greater body awareness, better posture, appearance and breathing - a means for better voice usage and personal influence. Different professional identities can develop positive cooperation through interaction and understanding. Singing together is therefore a creative way of focusing on a common goal.

Helene is our specialist in Dynamic Musical Team Development. Helene integrates several years of experience in Intensive Dynamic Coaching in her work with Musical Team Development. The combination of working with song, leadership and Intensive Dynamic Coaching reinforces and qualifies the collaborative process that takes place in the present. The defense, the anxiety and the feelings identified in the group's interaction in the present are also the defense, the anxiety and the feelings that kick in when you work with the group in general. This is a very effective and gentle way to address any serious problems within the group.

I learned more about leadership during the 15 minutes that Helene taught us in choir singing than I learned at all other courses and seminars I have ever participated in.

Steen Bossen, teacher and shop steward for academics, SOSU Aarhus

How does it works?

The course consist of with groups of 6-12 people. A course will often consist of 4-8 training modules of 2-3 hours divided into 3-6 months.

A course can be combined with individual coaching sessions. Here, each group member gets to learn more about emotions in leadership. Read about our individual coaching here.

Dynamic Musical Team Development turns to management teams, project groups, development teams or a department where it is desirable to develop a more intimate and honest relationship within the team.

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