1:1 Intensive Dynamic Coaching

Intensive refers to the fact that the process is strongly focused on working with emotions in relation to the task focus you have in your professional work. The emotions are pure energy - if used properly, it can move mountains.  

The goal for you is to get to use your emotional energy and power so that it works for you and your organization, instead of you, for instance, turning it partially against yourself; perhaps in the form of excessive self-criticism, unmanaged extra work, stress or fruitless speculation about the future. 

Examples of issues: 

  • You have high  professional  skills, but can sometimes stumble e.g. when you have to give feedback to others or have to present in front of people etc. 
  • You are entering a new role in the company and it is exciting, but you have a hard time getting through with your message. You may feel that you lack impact. 
  • You need to train an employee or solve another important task but procrastinate again and again. 
  • You want to come up with solutions or you have many ideas, but you forget to listen to others. 

You have a completely different professional challenge for which you are seeking help through coaching. 

A consequence can be: 

  • You become vague 
  • You will appear hard and scold 
  • You mumble 
  • You are avoiding the subject 
  • You are shouting at an employee 
  • You spend a lot of time, but you do not quite know on what 
  • You lose touch with your employees 
  • You do not complete the task 
  • You overlook important information 

You may be an internal consultant, partner, manager, leader or the like, and if you sometimes see yourself in one or more of the above situations, then 1:1 Intensive Dynamic Coaching may be the help you and your company need. 


At BTP, you will find great nature, peace and a warm atmosphere, where there is always a hot cup of coffee ready for you. 


In the surrounding nature, there is a lot of room for walks and reflections. The investment in checking in with yourself before a session and/or after a session is an important part of the process and something we highly recommend.

Practical information


Coaching per hour DKK 1.600, excl. VAT

We start with a 2 hour session, so we can investigate your needs properly; hereafter sessions are usually 1½ hours.


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Location for the coaching: Rævebjerg 12, Harte, 6000 Kolding

Language: Danish

Use your energy

It is crucial to your well-being and your success that you get to know your feelings, so that you can use the energy they have evoked within you to your well-chosen goals - so that it works for you.

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