Imagine a company culture where...

  • You are always challenging the organization to achieve better results 
  • You are focusing the organisational energy by involving more leaders and team members in the strategic work  
  • You are effectively transforming the strategic plans into concrete actions  
  • You are capturing the innovative ideas during the strategic work 

Hoshin Kanri, or Policy Deployment, is the management system in lean. Hoshin Kanri provides a system to the leadership team and leaders for giving direction, prioritizing strategic goals and setting challenges in order to become more competitive.

Hoshin Kanri will enable you as leader to create clarity about your strategic challenges, build commitment to achieve the goals and gain consensus, making the entire organisation strive towards the same direction.

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Are you new to Hoshin Kanri and looking for an introduction? Then you can find a great introduction video in this link.


Our Approach

At BTP, we believe that leaders create leaders - that is why you need to lead and design your system that will create and maintain these crucial skills and the desired culture. In this process we can advise, coach and train you in doing so, step by step throughout the process.

We call this our T3 Enabling Process!

The  T3  Enabling Process is divided into 3 main phases,  built on  the 40-20-40 model, that illustrates how the outcome of a development activity, should not just be seen as an event - with a narrow focus on the training itself.