HR Services

HR Services that Creates Results for Your Company

Good HR is good business! It is humans that drives your company forward. If these people have the right environment and skills combined with a strong motivation, then the result will be a dynamic organization that is effective. However, this is rarely the case for most companies and that hampers growth and success.

At BTP we provide HR consultancy services that creates a simple organizational change, which gives a great effect. And we do it with respect for the individual human in the process of change. Learn more about our selected tools that we use for this process by clicking on the subject you would like to know more about. Or simply: Contact us and get a free talk without obligation.

Change psychology in practice

At BTP, we have good experience of simple and effective methods of turning emotions and languages from being opponents to becoming teammates on the journey of change towards the desired culture.

Intensive Dynamic Coaching and Leadership

We focus on helping you find your inner energy so you get to know it and thus learn how to use it so that it works optimally for you.

Spot the Talent

Learn to discover the talents in your organization, the right key workers - who will be able to fill a desired function. Both relative to your TWI trip and in conjunction with other change projects.

Dynamic Musical Team Development

Singing is a great tool for getting people into the game. Read more about our Dynamic Musical Team Development and what it can do for your team development here.