Are you a leader?  Do you need to improve results? Are you struggling to connect strategy with operation and people?

In a world where the demands of making your products, services and patient care quicker, better and more cost efficient - we know from experience that it improves through people! 

We know that connecting the overall strategy with the daily operation is essential to succeed! 

Imagine you had a system that unlocks people's full potential and increases your abilities faster. And even better - what if we can provide you with such a system already today! As enablers we take pride in mastering training, coaching, mentoring and advising roles, so we can provide you with the right learning process needed throughout your learning process. 

We at BTP believe you as a leader need four core abilities for meeting these challenges - the basic foundation being daring to take the lead.

Hoshin Kanri

You need the ability to find the best way to meet your overall challenges with the purpose of becoming more competitive! 

Training Within Industry - TWI

You need the ability to create process stability in your daily operation, creating and maintaining a skill-based culture!

Toyota Kata

You need the ability to continuously strive for better conditions by creating continuous improvements through Toyota Kata!

Dynamic Leadership and Coaching

We focus on helping you find your inner energy so you get to know it and thus learn how to use it so that it works optimally for you!


We know that the only way to sustainable good results is to build YOUR ability.  

We do that through our renowned T3 Enabling ProcessThe T3  Enabling Process follows a Train-the-Trainer model that allows you and your organisation to quickly expand the skills to many! 

Through our T3 Enabling Process we also advice in how to structure your roles and responsibilities. We use a simple model that focus on first setting the objective for the desired culture; secondly, what roles and responsibilities are needed;  and the third thing is to define which abilities are needed to achieve the desired culture.

Do you need more knowledge about the above mentioned four core abilities mentioned and our approach to organization change - then take action and give us a call!