T3 Enabling process for Toyota Kata 

There are a few good things to be done in order to get a good start. One thing we always recommend is to visit one of our  current customers  who have started working with Toyota Kata. Please contact us to get in touch with companies that fit your situation. 

Toyta Kata T3 

In addition to this, we have developed a T3  Enabling Process, that will enable you to develop your organization, so it becomes a natural part of your culture. Culture is what you do every day! 

This Toyota Kata  T Enabling Process is divided into 3 main phases, built on the 40-20-40 model, that illustrates how the outcome of a development activity, should not just be seen as an event - with a narrow focus on the training itself. This model was developed by Robert O. Brinkerhoff.   

Change the culture 

Based on our learnings working with Toyota Kata for many years and change and learning management  theory. We work after the thinking around these 4 questions, when you need to change you culture:  

  1. What is the desired culture? 
  2. Whatorganisation structure, roles and responsibilities is needed to support this culture?  
  3. What abilities does this pull, to fill out the roles and responsibilities?
  4. What is the current stage compared to the desired future stage? 

The 7 starting steps

1. The formation of a Steering Group

2. Identify Pilot Project and Team Members

3. Basic training and practice period in Toyota Kata

4. Carry out pilot project

5. Publication of the results of the pilot project

6. Develop internal Toyota Kata Trainers

7. Roll out Toyota Kataon a larger scale

Case - Video 

Video Toyota Kata 

Here is the recording from our webinar on Toyota Kata from April 14 where our Senior Enabler and Toyota Kata Master Trainer Joakim Bjurström summarizes this exciting concept! See the full video by clicking - I promise you won’t regret it.

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