Individual dynamic coaching

  • You may be an internal consultant/partner/manager/leader: You have surely mastered your tools, but maybe you're looking for renewed energy - to better come through to your stakeholders.
  • You are entering a new role in the company, but you're afraid of the new role - what will the others think of me? Do I dare to take on this new responsibility?
  • You have a completely different professional challenge for which you are seeking coaching.

One of the things we look at during coaching is your nervousness and anxiety relative to the actual challenges. Nervousness and anxiety inhibit emotions: they force the feelings out of the consciousness - and then we do something rushed instead - without realizing that's what we do. We create a defensive routine: Change the subject, leave, change the task, ponder, take a beer, get a headache. And this is where we waste a lot of time, energy and well-being. At least 30% of working hours goes straight down the drain.

Why DynCo?

In this video, Heidi Bo, Senior Manager at LEGO System gives a brief statement about her experience with Dynamic Coaching as a manager at LEGO System.

There is a growing need in the organization for greater focus on execution and robustness, but how do we help the managers to cope with this in a way that works for the leader and the organization?

Through systematic training in Dynamic Coaching (DynCo), you become more action oriented through a higher level of awareness - conscious planned actions.

Intensive refers to the fact that the process is strongly focused on working with emotions in relation to the task focus you have in your professional work. The emotions are pure energy, if used properly can move mountains. The goal is for you to come to use your emotional energy and power so that it works for you and your organization instead of eg. that you turn parts of it against yourself in the form of excessive self-criticism, unmanaged extra work, stress and fruitless speculation about the future.

Use your energy

It is crucial to your well-being and your success that you get to know your feelings, so that you can use the energy they have evoked within you to your well-chosen goals - so that it works for you.

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