Toyota Kata 30 min. Webinar

The pain of being the Learner! Being a learner is serious business!

This title is a quote of one participant in a Toyota Kata (TK) course Joakim Bjurström held 2 years ago. TK is often referred to as quite simple and fast.

However, a learner must struggle with expanding their own knowledge threshold as well as their teams! By definition, that is not simple at all.


In this session Joakim Bjurström will give some insights in what the Learner role is all about and how this pain can be addressed.

Joakim Bjurström and BTP´S Enablers

Joakim Bjurström is Business Through People´s Toyota Kata (TK) Master Trainer. He has assisted and trained TK in many organisations over the last 8 years. He has co-translated the Toyota Kata book into Swedish and is a proud Kata Geek as Mike Rother calls it!


Joakim is also a certified trainer for TWI Job Instruction, TWI Job Relations and Mr Kato’s Standardised Work-program. Read much more about Joakim here and the whole BTP team here.

Practical information

This free Webinar is hosted by our friends at Lean Frontiers 

Date: Feb 18th 2021
Time (EST): 2 PM to 2.30 PM
Language: English 
Trainer: Joakim Bjurström