Standardized Work – 30 min. free Webinar

Joakim Bjurström, BTP, and Denis Becker, Supervisor Academy, will guide you through this webinar hosted by Lean Frontiers.

Standardized Work – is it time to level up?

“Using Standardized Work as a journey from Basic Stability to true Continuous Improvement is not a simple one! If it was simple, many should have gotten it right by now. So what are we not getting?

Standardized work is not about the tools and templates, it is the way of life in true lean organizations. As Toyota’s Mr Kato says: “It is the beginning and the end, the main driver of sustained competitive advantage”. Waste reduction, on the other hand, is just one of the means to realizing the full potential of your people and your business!”

This webinar explores some common pitfalls of ‘implementing’ standardized work and what leaders can do to level up and improve its effectiveness.