Dynamic Coaching Course

2-day Basic Dynamic Coaching

  • With this basic introduction to Dynamic Coaching, you will gain greater awareness of your own strengths and challenges and how your inner conflicts can have a great impact on external results and relationships.
  • You will gain a basic understanding of the connection between emotions, anxiety and defense. You will become better at seeing the dynamics in a relationship and know what action will work best for you and your surroundings.
  • You will learn how the method can be used to create better well-being, improved company culture and better results


Day 1 - Basic theory & understanding

  • Inner and Outer Focus
  • The coaching method with focus on the whole person
  • Emotions and defense
  • Exercises in smaller and larger groups

Day 2 - The Conflict Triangle - Introduction to emotions, anxiety and defense

  • Increased awareness of own defense mechanisms
  • Coaching in an organizational context
  • Applications in theory and practice and your responsibilities as a coach
  • Exercises in smaller and larger groups

Both days will offer hands-on exercises, group process, theory and movement


BTP´s DynCo Team

Our DynCo coaches are all trained at Cand. Psych. Laura Mott PhD. and have extensive experience in using Dynamic Coaching in different ways and in different contexts.

This diversity is a huge strength for you when you meet the different coaches at our DynCo events and training courses - giving you deep insights into the many applications of the method.


  • Read more about Helene here and John here

Practical information

  • Date: November 26th and 27th, 2020
  • Time: Two days 8:30-16:00
  • Group size: 6-10 participants
  • Language: Danish 🇩🇰
  • Price: DKK 6.995, excl. VAT
  • Place: Rævebjerg 12, Harte, 6000 Kolding
  • Target group: Coaches, self-employed, consultants, managers and others with an interest in Dynamic Coaching
  • Registration*: Kindly use the form below. If you have any questions, just send an email to info@btp.dk.

* Enrollment is binding


Dynamic Coaching (DynCo) at LEGO System

In this video, Heidi Bo, gives a brief statement about her experience with Dynamic Coaching as a manager at LEGO System.

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2-day Basic Dynamic Coaching Course
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