It is important for us to exchange knowledge - practical and theoretical - with companies and educational institutions in order to get the latest findings.

To share our learnings, we continuously arrange and participate in open conferences, courses and networks.

We try to gather and share this knowledge - in the shape of our events, and we also participate as speakers and lecturers at other events and at universities to share knowledge. 

See our upcoming events here:

TWI and Kata Summit Europe 2020

Join the world’s top thought leaders as you explore the proven routines of TWI and Toyota Kata.

Learn how to create a workforce of relentless problem solvers.

Create a culture that thrives in the unclear territory between current and future states.

Listen to individuals and organizations sharing their story of success in this journey of improvement.

See you at the TWI & Kata Summit Europe!

Date: October 29th and 30th 2020
Time: 08:00 AM to 05:00 PM
Place: Barcelona, Spain

TWI & Kata Simulation

1-day workshop

Toyota Kata and TWI Simulation is a 1-day simulation, where we practice different situations, where you can see and practice the link between the TWI and Kata programs.

Dynamic coaching

2-day workshop

What prevents you from living out your full potential?

Learn how to use your emotional energy to make it work for you and your surroundings.


Training Within Industry - TWI

25 min. webinar

In this basic introduction to Training Within Industry (TWI), you will gain insights in the where TWI comes from, what are the TWI J Programs, and the link to Lean.