Torben Kjær-Christensen

Senior Enabler 

  • More than 15 years of experience in organizational development. 
  • Teaches TWI JI 10-hour course, Lean and Toyota Kata. 
  • Teaches in Danish and English.  
  • More than 20 years as Manager primarily within Operations. 

Torben has as Project Manager, Lean Facilitator and Operations Manager more than 15 years experience in developing organizations. Torben has been responsible for several improvement projects within Six Sigma, Lean and TWI programs and have worked together with BTP in his former role as Factory Manager.  

During Torben´s cooperation with BTP as a customer, the strength of the TWI programs were pretty clear and excellent results were achieved. After being a customer at BTP in three years Torben joined BTP in 2020, to combine his knowledge as Manager from a customer perspective and his role as Consultant.  

Torben is a value driven Consultant and very dedicated in getting results through setting a clear purpose, establishing efficient processes and developing people though involvement and training.  

Furthermore Torben is known as empathic, analytical, structured and systematic with a high degree of integrity and as an open and direct communicator. 

Torben lives with Lise and their two boys in Haderslev and has three grown up daughters from a former marriage.

Besides mountain-biking Torben enjoys sailing - both racing and family trips. In 2016 Torben crossed the Atlantic by sailboat.

Contact information:
Phone: +45 5156 5729

Favorite quote:

"First direction, then speed - not the other way around"

Stig Holmquist