Rikke Kaastrup-Hansen

Senior Enabler 

  • MSc in Production and Management
  • 20 years of work experience from several Danish and international production companies
  • Has worked with project, line and program management within production, logistics and HR / training
  • Experienced teacher and coach from 7 years of connection to Aarhus University and regular teaching and coaching as an integral part of management roles in business.
  • Teaches in Danish, English and German

Rikke is a Senior Enabler at BTP. She teaches and advises in TWI 10-hour Job Instruction, Process Confirmation and "Spot the Talent".

Since 2008, Rikke has been working at the wind turbine manufacturer Siemens Gamesa and since 2015 she has implemented Training Within Industry (TWI) at factories and sites in Europe and Asia. It has included recruiting coaches, conducting courses, setting up systems and workflows, and ongoing support of people in production in connection with the operation of the training system.

Throughout her career, Rikke has given high priority to having a close connection to the production floor and has a good understanding of the mechanisms that are at stake when coaches and managers must change their working methods and behavior.

Rikke lives in Herning with her husband and 3 children. The children are becoming big and self-driving, which gives time for a good balance between exciting work, time to get involved in the children's hobbies, and weekend breaks and holidays with family and good friends.

Contact information:

Rikkes favorite quote: "Live now, wait not till tomorrow" Pierre De Ronsard



Since Rikke started training TWI Job Instruction in 2016, she has trained more than 230 trainers across Europe and Asia. The roll out of the training concept has taken place in mechanical, electrical and pharmaceutical production environments.



Building up a global TWI program in Siemens Gamesa providing production and site facilities a self-sustaining training system for handling Job Instruction. The program consists of a formalized 7 step implementation plan, a global setup for roles and responsibilities and a global community setup to utilize knowledge across production and site facilities.


Has been a part of +10 roll out cases across different companies and most of the pilot cases have resulted in a full implementation after ending the pilot. In most cases Rikke has secured a focus on documenting the effect of the TWI training concept through learning impact measurements on concrete qualify or safety issues