Per Albrektsen

Per Albrektsen
Per Albrektsen


  • 20 years of management experience from PostNord Transport, Distribution and Production
  • Trained in management through several different courses: Management in Practice, Lean Management, Leading Change and Lean Blackbelt
  • Teaches, advises and offers coaching in TWI JI, Lean, "Spot the Talent": Recruitment of Job Trainers and Process Verification (Leader)
  • Teaches in the following languages: Danish

Per is an Associate consultant at BTP. Per teaches in the TWI 10-hour courses and "Spot the Talent". The Spot the Talent method increases the likelihood that you will select the most suitable trainer, which helps you gain the best results. Per also offers TWI follow-up in your company and support of the implementation of TWI in your company, as well as training your leaders in process verification. Experience from several companies, including PostNord, has shown that managers' process verification is a crucial factor in making your TWI journey successful. Per's onside coaching increases and strengthens the skills and competencies of the TWI trainers.

Per also facilitates Lean Workshop within 5S, game types, Gemba and Leader Standard Work (LSW), including LSW boards, the implementation of this goal management in the management team and on the production floor. Perspective is constantly set on the "Golden Triangle": Excellence, Quality and Efficiency. Per utilizes his long management experience and education and supports leaders and management teams in managing improvement processes based on your vision and strategic journey.

Per has facilitated PostNord's implementation of TWI since 2013 and has accumulated many experiences on this trip. Since 2013, Per has had John Vellema as a mentor. Per's teaching method deals with learning through mutual interaction. His way of teaching is very appealing, energetic and engaging. He focuses on honest, friendly and direct communication, including feedback to each other, which greatly contributes to developing each individual to the best version of him/herself.

Since 1996, Per has worked with Lean, strategy, optimization and management at PostNord terminals where more than 1 100 employees work. This has given him a special insight into the processes from start to finish, as well as processes that take place on the production floor. Per is a black belt master within Lean and also a genuine black belt in Shotokan. The mental strength of keeping calm, being present and always striving to develop the best version of yourself is noted in Per's presence. Per has also been a soccer coach for seniors in DAI's best divisions where team spirit, group dynamics and team spirit gave many victories.

Per lives in Solrød Strand. He devotes himself a lot to his physical exercise as well as enjoying nature with his dog Buller and socializing with family and friends. In particular, cozy holidays in Europe help him ensure that the batteries are always fully charged.

Favorite quote:

The best way to predict your future is to create it.

Abraham Lincoln