Line Bøgh Pedersen

PA & Project Coordinator

Line is one of our PA & project coordinators for the partners at BTP. She will be structuring and developing various projects, conferences and experiences in the BTP family.

Line has a varied background both from traveling and living abroad, and working in tourism, industrial refrigeration and high-end electronics, and has developed skills and interests for many different topics.

She works with marketing, IT, logistics, travel and event planning, implementation of new systems and coordinating small and big projects.

“I am a problem solver by heart and believe that open and kind communication is the key to great relationships.”

Line lives in Fredericia with her partner Thor, in a house from the 70es that they have a lot of fun (and frustrations 😊) renovating.

They travel for concerts a lot and listen to many kinds of music. They also travel for more calm experiences and the best trip they ever had was Mexico and seeing the gray whales teaching their young to swim.

Lines loves nature and animals and has become the resident dog sitter for neighbors on the street. She tries to stay active and row a lot on their indoor rower. When she wants to relax she reads a book.



- Bachelor’s degree in politics & Administration from AAU

- Master’s degree in Tourism Development from AAU


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