Kalervo Laaksoharju

Senior Enabler 

  • Served for 10 years as a Lean Coach, Lean Leader and Senior Consultant
  • 3 years as a responsible trainee in healthcare projects
  • 25 years as an entrepreneur in material management solutions sales, helping customers design and implement smooth logistics and layout solutions
  • Strong skills in supervisory work and the practical development of processes
  • Joined Business Through People ApS in 2019
  • Certified TWI Job Relation trainer and TWI Job Instruction trainer
  • Language of instruction: Finnish and Swedish

Kale's multi-year experience as an entrepreneur in the development of various industrial and commercial companies and public administration processes gives him a good starting point to understand the challenges and opportunities for development of customers in different industries. His commercial basic education provides a good starting point for understanding the economic realities of development. His in-depth workmanship and approach to the customer's situation has received positive feedback. Kale is easy to approach as a person and believes in a positive interaction as a resource for the work community. He considers himself developing and it is reflected in his way of approaching things.

Kale got to know Lean 10 years ago and quickly recognized the importance of investing in the development of supervisors. His vision has further strengthened. Respect for humanity and genuine interaction are his most valuable part in the work community. Kale has, in his own Lean journey, made better sense of what the values ​​of the Lean House are and how they are applied in practice and how people and the entire work community are developing.

His typical Lean projects include: Lean thinking, values ​​and practical Lean skills training. Training of management, supervisors, teams and workshop work. Planning and supporting the organization's Lean journey.

Kale is a well-respected and competent trainer. His coaching is perceptive, he is suitably trained and he is able to awaken a motivation for self-development and work community development.

From Vaasa he moved with his wife to Espoo three years ago closer to their grandchildren. In the summer he plays golf and in winter he plays badminton. Kale likes sport in its various forms. He has played football at higher level and later also served as the team leader and chairman of the icehockey club, as well as influencing social issues.

Contact information:
Mail: Kale@btp.dk

Kalervo's favorite quote: "Every day is worth celebratingNN