Helene Eiler Ernst

Dynamic Coach

  • Provides individual coaching and workshops within the intensive dynamic coaching method
  • Certified intensive dynamic coach by Laura Mott.
  • Educated Master Musician and teaches musical team building 
  • Teaches in the following languages: Danish 

Helene delivers individual programs within the intensive dynamic coaching method. You will see that Helene coaches with great presence. Helene is a very empathetic person with great spaciousness, where no problem is too small or too big. It motivates Helene to help you so you stop wasting your time and strength and instead use your energy so it works for you!

Helene is also our associate musical consultant, who uses sing-along and choir singing as a tool in her teaching. Through musical co-creation, Helene works with the individual and the group regarding group dynamics and leadership in practice. Singing with others is both a means and a goal - a different and challenging experience that strengthens relations.

Helene is an educated Master Musician at the Royal Academy of Music in Aarhus and has worked for many years with the interplay between singing, dynamic coaching and management. Helene is really good at getting people into the game - getting them to invite and take responsibility.

Helene lives in Vester Nebel near Kolding. She enjoys being active in nature, hanging out with friends and family and creating with shapes, colors and crazy ideas.

Contact information:
Mail: Helene@btp.dk

Helene's favorite quote: "I've never tried that before, so I'm sure I can do it!Pippi Longstocking