Thomas Ilskov Nielsen

Senior Enabler 

  • Engineering degree in manufacturing and systems
  • Trainer in TWI Job Instruction, TWI Job Relation, spot the talent and process confirmation
  • Certified Project manager, Prince II
  • Certified TWI Master Trainer
  • Teaches in Danish and English

Since Thomas graduated in Engineering, he has spent 25 years in different service industries. Working with process optimization in sales, customer care and case handling operations. He has experiences with process development and optimization from various sectors in Services as Telco, Environmental, Public services and financial sector. He has management experience as a team lead, functional head, project manager and internal consultant.

He began his association with BTP in a pilot test of how TWI Job instruction would work in the public services in “Odense Kommune”. The purpose of the test was to prove the TWI methods was non-dependent on the work. Conclusion is that these methods is usable whenever people are involved.

Since 2016 he has been the leading trainer in implementing TWI Job Instruction in Danske Bank global operations. In this capacity, he has implemented a systemic approach to employee training that connects directly with the process documentation, risk handling and other Operational Management elements.

Thomas has a structured, competent and clear vision of how things work together. He always relates to the existing elements of the system and has an ability to cut through to explore the basic need.

Thomas lives in Odense, together with his wife Malene and their four children. He is a family man and love home activities as remodelling the house and cooking.

Contact information

Thomas favourite quote: "I am not calling for flashy, temporary differences in our performance level, but a quiet resolve, to do a better job, to lengthen our stride.” Spencer W. Kimball


Since Thomas started training TWI Job Instruction, he has trained more than 250 trainers across the Nordic countries and Lithuania.




The results of Thomas work is that TWI methods apply wherever people is present and work needed. It effects Lead-time, Quality, Operational stability, On-boarding time, Employee satisfaction and more.


As an internal consultant, Thomas was part of the solid test of TWI Programs in Odense Kommune. The case greatly contributed to the understanding of the TWI programs strengths in any given work environment.