Johan Nytomt

Senior Enabler

  • Certified Trainer within TWI Job Instruction
  • Teaches in English and Swedish
  • More than 15 years of experience within Lean

During his career Johan has gathered experience from several different areas; from working within regional and government authorities, being an independent consultant with focus on environment management systems and system audit leader, to engineering and leader work within production and assembly. Johan also has leadership experience from the Swedish Army, both domestic and through serving in the UN-mission in Bosnia-Hercegovina.

When working in a team, Johan is considered to be very calm and relaxed, but with a strong focus on the objective for the task. Nothing is impossible – some tasks just need more PDCA-cycles!

The interest and devotion for Lean has kept growing stronger and stronger over the years, as experience and knowledge have deepened. Before joining BTP, Johan had a position as Change Agent & Lean Coordinator at Thermia – a Swedish producer of heat pumps.

In 2018 Johan started a pilot in TWI Job Instruction at Thermia, with the objective to increase the skills in training employees. The results from the pilot were very satisfying, decreased time for training, increased quality, and satisfied trainees. Job Instruction quickly became the standard method for training operators within Thermia.

Johan lives in the western part of Sweden, with his wife and two daughters. When not working, his biggest interests are all kind of outdoor activities that include forests, mountains and, preferably, a lot of snow!

Johan has a strong passion for getting people to grow and develop. This passion will prosper within BTP!


Contact information:
Phone: +46 705 730 856