Joakim Bjurström

Partner and Master Enabler 

  • Toyota Kata Master Trainer and Coach
  • Lean Silver Certificate from AME and trained in the TWI JI and JR 40-hour TTT courses
  • Author of the book "Beyond Lean" and has translated "Toyota Kata" into Swedish
  • Teaches TWI JI and JR 10-hour course, Lean and Toyota Kata
  • Teaches in Swedish and English

Joakim is Partner and Senior Enabler and has been a part of Business Through People since 2014. Joakim is a highly competent TWI, Lean and Toyota Kata coach. With expertise within Six Sigma and Change Management, he primarily teaches our Swedish and international clients.

Joakim Bjurström is a strong profile. His experience and commitment to the Toyota Kata and TWI programs and his constant pursuit of self-improvement is a real asset for us and our customers. His pursuit of improvement is not only aimed inward. He always strives to make customers succeed with their TWI, Lean and/or Toyota Kata projects - and this is done with great care.

His extensive work in various industries makes him extremely flexible and he is quick to identify the focal area that is in the greatest need for care or is best suited for a pilot project. That being said, Joakim is always looking for something to improve, so he is also one of the most patient trainers we have ever experienced. He is extremely careful when it comes to improvements - he refuses to start or propose something that he is not entirely sure of. Joakim is a thorough and systematic trainer.


Contact information:
Phone: +46 709 710180

Joakim's favorite quote:

"There is always room for improvement!"

Joakim Bjurström