Denis Becker

Associated Master Enabler 

  • Experienced Master Trainer and coach of the full range of TWI Programs
  • Expert at leading and coaching Lean transformations
  • Teaches and coaches in English, Spanish, and German


Denis is passionate about enabling leaders so they can grow high performance teams. His personal challenge is to find better, faster ways of growing organisations’ capabilities so they can accelerate the pace of process improvement. He realised early on in his career that rapid improvement cannot happen without developing the leadership skills of supervisors and their managers first.

Denis developed his hands-on international expertise in addressing this challenge by leading complex culture change, Lean transformations and operational excellence programs for 20 years across diverse industries and service sector organisations. As the founder of Supervisor Academy, he and his team have enabled many global and local organisations in their own transformation efforts.

As the head of global operations excellence for a multi-national corporation, Denis led international teams in developing and deploying lean operations strategy, including laying out and moving manufacturing facilities and radical lean transformations. This included up-skilling and cross-training of hundreds of operators to enable the transitions from process layouts to cell manufacturing.

Denis works hard to continuously deepen his expertise to maximise the value he brings to clients and their people. He holds a Master in Business Administration (MBA), and is a certified Master Blackbelt (Six Sigma and Design for Six Sigma) and Master Trainer (Training within Industry).



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