Claus Thor

Associated Senior Enabler

  • Master of Science in Electrical Engineering; Aalborg University, Denmark
  • Certified Trainer in TWI Job Instruction and TWI Job Relation
  • 15+ years as Consultant and Leader within the Healthcare sector with a focus on changing management, organizational transformation, and development
  • Teaches in Danish and English

Claus Thor is known to be a very emphatic leader and a true team player. He cares deeply for the people around him and always wants everyone to feel motivated and heard. He is very aware of his strengths and weaknesses.
Claus loves facilitating and coaching and making others see possibilities for development and improvement, helping them and their organizations reach their full potential.
He will do his best to create a positive atmosphere and a culture that is constantly evolving and improving.

Claus is originally educated Automatic mechanic before he became a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering. During his career, he amongst other, has been certified “Black Belt Sig Sigma” and trained at and certified Workshop Leader, Virginia Mason Institute. Also, he has a two-year education in Systematic Leadership, Attractor.

Claus has been the head of innovation and LEAN at Odense University Hospital (OUH) with approx. 20 consultants.  The innovation activities at OUH are organized by the Centre for Innovative Medical Technology (CIMT). CIMT is a collaboration between OUH and several faculties and institutes at the University of Southern Denmark, as well as being part of the regional innovation ecosystem and is thus an important strategic player in the EU.

He met BTP when he was Chief Improvement Officer, Mental Health Service, South Region Denmark. He is also the founder of the company Claus Thor. In his opinion, the best salesperson for your work is a happy customer.

Claus lives near Vejle and Kolding with his wife Sanne, and the two youngest children Manika and Maria. He loves to do garden work, read, and cook.

Contact information:

Phone: +45 21 60 44 16

Claus’s favourite quote: “When you discover that you are riding a dead horse, the best strategy is to dismount”

- Old Dakota tribal wisdom


Claus has half of his work life been dedicated to working with continuous improvements in the healthcare sector, and he has been responsible for and involved in training more than 4.000 leaders and employees in working with continuous improvement.


Claus has numerous results that have helped patients and staff ranging from increased flow, quality, and safety as well as improved education and training of people.


One of the cases was from an outpatient clinic in the department of dermatology in Odense, and two great results were achieved. They increased the activities by 10% and 10% of the time for all chief physicians were released to research.  Furthermore, if the referral suspected cancer from GP was received before 12 o’clock a.m., the patient was examined the following day, and if the patient had cancer, the operation was done at the same day.