Bitten Bøgh Winther

Head of Global Service and Senior Enabler 

  • Market Economist
  • Former Leader in Service and Administration at Jyske Bank
  • Certified Train-the-Trainer in TWI Job Instruction, TWI Job Relation and Process Confirmation
  • Teaches in Danish and English

Since Bitten graduated as Market Economist she has spent 26 years in different service industries. Working in sales, banking and case handling operations. She has experiences with training, process development and optimization from primarily the financial sector. She has furthermore management experience as a team lead, project manager and internal consultant.

She began her association with BTP in a pilot test in 2017 of how TWI Job instruction would work in “Jyske Bank” (financial). The purpose of the test was to reduce the time consumption and the variance of the work. Conclusion is that these methods is usable to get that result when used consistently.

Since 2018 she has been the leading trainer in implementing TWI Job Instruction in Jyske Bank Opererations. In this capacity, she has onboarded several teams, leaders and trainers in TWI JI, and made a structural interface to systematize the TWI-work in Jyske Bank.

Bitten has a structured, competent and persistent way of working and to think through and see all perspectives of a case is important for her.

Bitten lives in Odense, together with her husband John and their two children. She loves reading historical novels, genealogy and watching football supporting the local team. Sparetime is used in the summerhouse.

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Bittens favorite quote: “That, when one is truly so succeed in leading a human being to a particular place, one must first and foremost take care to find him where he is, and begin there” 

- Søren Kierkegaard


Since Bitten started training TWI Job Instruction, she has unboarded 9 teams, both leaders and trainers in primarily JI – but also JR. Since 2018 she has been internal consultant facilitating all TWI in Jyske Bank. During Covid-19 she made online trainings to maintain focus on TWI. Since 2020 she was the project owner of TWI.



Bittens work has a positive effect on on-boarding time, lead-time, effective processes, people management and more.



As a leader Bitten was part of the Pilot test in Jyske Bank, setting the cornerstones. Taking the role of an internal consultant she managed to support the TWI JI program in Jyske Bank through training, coaching and supporting both trainers and leaders throughout the Operations department.