Betina Noer

PA & Project Coordinator

Betina is one of our PA & Project Coordinators. She is John’s calendar-juggler, an office-octopus and structure-keeper. Betina is curious and openminded and lives by the quote “Learning is a journey not a destination”.

Betina comes with a backpack full of various experiences. She has worked in HR with mobility as a specialty, onboarding, project coordination, process optimization, GDPR, travel planning, implementation of an IT program and work environment.

Betina lives in Vejle with her husband Bjarne, and their two children Amalie and Jonathan, in a house with never ending projects, which are great exercises for project coordinating.

Besides work, Betina likes to have fun with line dancing or boardgames with family and friends. When it is time to relax, she enjoys crocheting and long walks; the goal is to walk a Mammut, which is 100 km within 24 hours. Betina is a vanlife dreamer and the dream is to travel through Europe in a home-built campervan.

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