We focus on what's happening between people and what makes you the best version of yourself - in the team and as a leader. We create results for the organization by working with human relations. Hence our name: Business Through People - BTP for short.

We provide consultancy services within TWI, Toyota Kata, Hoshin Kanri and Dynamic Coaching for all types of companies and organizations. We are specialists in these areas and continuously work on developing new services in relation to our customers' needs.

History of BTP
BTP was founded in 2012 by John Vellema, based on the experience John harvested as project manager for the creation of LEGO's global job training organization. The project is described in the SHINGO Award-winning book: "Building a Global Learning Organization: Using TWI to Succeed with Strategic Workforce Expansion in the LEGO Group".

Since then, BTP has grown steadily and the company has been expanded with further consultants - specialists in TWI, Dynamic Coaching and Improvement Work in practice.

We focus on adding new skills to manage.
If we give people titles before qualifications, there is a great risk of them failing and thus losing the courage to try new things.

We at BTP work on the basis that the entire organization is undergoing a learning process, which is why our methods are slow in the initial stage. Once the organization has learned our way of working and our methods, usually an extremely efficient and fairly quick process follows when the new methods are to be implemented.

We offer no quick fixes, but only sustainable solutions that create results for your business. Therefore, our customer relationships become long-term ones. Our customers include production companies, banks, service companies and public institutions.

We spend a lot of work publishing articles, recording movie clips and publishing books - to share our knowledge and expertise with you and the rest of the world. All this can be found in our Knowledge Center.

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At BTP we believe that results are made through people!