At BTP, we have strong relations and partners, and we are proud to be part of something bigger. We have listed some of our strongest partners here.



Lean Frontiers

We collaborate with Lean Frontiers in the United States about the European TWI and Kata Summit and Master Classes. This collaboration creates value for both parties in the form of sparring about TWI and LEAN in the US and European markets.  

Read more about upcoming events we offer in collaboration with Lean Frontiers here.

Visit Lean Frontier's website here.


  • The Champ platform was launched in 2017
  • Champ is an app and web-based platform to support on the job training, skill management and the use of job instructions. Our focus is to provide an easy-to-use tool for trainers and trainees to make sure their focus can be on the training and not the administration and documentation of it. At the same time the platform is designed to provide management overview to make sure an effective training setup is sustained over time and is scalable across departments or sites.

Visit Champ's website here.



Skill is focused on growing companies through people. They help companies with recruitment and skill development. And with their operations in Sweden they make for a perfect partner for us - both for specific business cases but also for public events.

Visit Skill's website here.