At BTP, we have strong relations and partners, and we are proud to be part of something bigger. We have listed some of our strongest partners here.



Lean Frontiers

We collaborate with Lean Frontiers in the United States about the European TWI and Kata Summit and Master Classes. This collaboration creates value for both parties in the form of sparring about TWI and LEAN in the US and European markets.  

Read more about upcoming events we offer in collaboration with Lean Frontiers here.

We collaborate with on networks, courses, conferences and knowledge sharing. This collaboration has worked very well since 2013 and spawned successful courses and conferences.

Read more about the open courses and conferences we offer in collaboration with here.


Aalborg University

With our multiannual collaboration with several Danish higher education institutions, we always take the pulse of the latest research in leadership and organizational change, as well as production and process optimization.

Worth emphasizing is that we work with students from Aalborg University and Aalborg University CPH regarding the latest research in production, LEAN, strategy, organization and management.  




TWI Institute

BTP was official Global Partner with the TWI Institute in the United States, between 2012 and 2020. We are trained and certified to offer and implement their version of the TWI J Programs. Due to changes at the TWI Institutes values in 2020, both companies felt it was best to separate and continue our journeys separately. 

John Vellema was the first certified TWI Master trainer in Europe, and has conducted many Train-the-Trainer classes for the TWI Institute and has help many companies with creating solid TWI implementation. Based on these learnings we have refined our certification system for the TWI J Programs that is updated and still holds on to the quality in the methods.     

Read more about our refined TWI services here.